Orbital Motors

Catalog for geroler / orbital hydraulic motors for low speed high torque applications.  Many of these units are standard hydraulic motors in the industry and can easily replace other brands such as danfoss hydraulic motors, eaton hydraulic motors, char lynn hydraulic motors, etc.

Válvulas direccionales hidráulicas

Catálogo de válvulas direccionales hidráulicas de Technical Union.  Válvulas de control direccional tipo industrial para montajes estandard de D03 y D05.  Todas estas válvulas fácilmente pueden reemplazars válvulas Vickers, Válvulas Rexroth y válvulas Parker sin problemas.

Micrón vs. Mesh

Las diferencias principales entre un filtro de micrón y un filtro de mesh en filtración hidráulica.  Es muy importante tener en mente cuando usar una de las dos medias filtrantes para un buen mantenimiento preventivo en planta.

Hydac Filter

This is my review / breakdown of the Hydac / Hycon hydraulic filter elements part numbers. Hydac is indeed one of the top hydraulic filter companies around the world, and we can also offer replacements for these elements.

Morrell Inc

This is my personal review of Morrell, Inc. In my opinion one of the best hydraulic / industrial automation companies in Michigan, or even one of the best in the United States?
Don't miss video below with a bit of insider information of what Morrell was and the potential of this company for the coming future.