How to set and adjust a pressure compensated control for your hydraulic pump

This is how you can adjust your pressure compensated control for your hydraulic pump.  You can adjust it to a higher or lower pressure settings depending on your system requirements to have it working properly.

Pilot operated relief valve vs. direct acting relief valve.

What are the main differences between a direct acting hydraulic relief valve vs. a pilot operated hydraulic relief valve? Why would you want to use one valve over the other one?  Check out this video and understand some of the differences.

High Low hydraulic circuit

This is a High Low hydraulic circuit, some people may also call it hi-l0 circiuit in which you need a high flow at low pressure and then the requirements changes to a high pressure with low flow to be delivered for the same system.

Oilgear pump PVM

This is a quick reference chart to replace an Oilgear hydraulic pump series PVM for an alternative hydraulic pump from Technical Union.  We can use similar  charts to replace almost any hydraulic pump that anybody would have.

Hydac Technology

This is my review on Hydac Technology Corp. Hydac filter is without a doubt a respectable company in the world of hydraulic filtration as well as in the hydraulic industry in general, with offices around the world you are likely to be using some of their products if you work with a lot of hydraulic equipment.

Hydraulic Heat Removal Calculation

This is one of the Fluid Power hydraulic formulas you can use to calculate how much heat you need to remove from the system.  If you don't know how much horsepower you are using in your system, you can find the formula for hydraulic horsepower here, then you can remove a certain amount of that horse power with the hydraulic calculation below in this video.