Gear pump

How does a hydraulic gear pump work?  Where is the actual tearing and wearing of the pump and why would you eventually have to change it. By the way, it is always a good idea to maintain clean oil for good preventive maintenance, search for "ISO 4406" in the search bar for maintenance videos.

Orbital Motors

Catalog for geroler / orbital hydraulic motors for low speed high torque applications.  Many of these units are standard hydraulic motors in the industry and can easily replace other brands such as danfoss hydraulic motors, eaton hydraulic motors, char lynn hydraulic motors, etc.

Hydac Filter

This is my review / breakdown of the Hydac / Hycon hydraulic filter elements part numbers. Hydac is indeed one of the top hydraulic filter companies around the world, and we can also offer replacements for these elements.

Hydraulic Pump Replacement

Have you ever tried to change a hydraulic pump for another unit maybe because the one you have is too old, too expensive, and have to wait too long to get it?  Here you will find a video on what you need to look for to cover your technical details to find another unit you can use to replace your old pump.

Directional Control Valve

We can replace pretty much any hydraulic directional control valve in the market. Most valves do follow certain standards and as long as we have the proper configuration most valves can be easily replaced.