Hydraulic symbols for directional control valves

These are some of the hydraulic symbols / hydraulic schematics for directional control valves. 

Explanation on how to draw 3 position and 2 position hydraulic valves along with different centers, controls, and centering mechanisms. 


Hydraulic Pump Interchanges

This is the best way to learn how you can interchange any hydraulic pump you have for a better alternative.

Often people need to interchange their hydraulic pumps from existing system to a different pump that can offer better delivery time, pricing, or simply because their old pump hard to find or obsolete.


Check Valves

These are different examples of system applications for hydraulic check valves. Check valves are a very important component for proper work of hydraulic equipment as shown in these examples.


How to set a pressure compensated control.

It seems to be a common problem that the hydraulic pump isn’t “lifting pressure”.  Well, assuming you have your relief valve all the way closed, you might need to check the pressure setting on your pressure compensated pump.

Video below is a quick reference on how to set a pressure compensated control for a variable displacement pump.