Simple Hydraulic Circuit Simulation

M Sol. B Sol. A Stop Start Sol B. Sol A. Developed by Edgar Lindo

Simulation of a simple hydraulic circuit for cylinder extension and retraction using a fixed displacement pump and a closed center directional control valve.

The Basics of Hydraulics

Understanding the basic principles of hydraulics and how everything comes together in order to make machines be able to move heavy loads.  We can start by understanding Pascal's law and pressure.  See video below. 


Gear pump

How does a hydraulic gear pump work?  Where is the actual tearing and wearing of the pump and why would you eventually have to change it. By the way, it is always a good idea to maintain clean oil for good preventive maintenance, search for "ISO 4406" in the search bar for maintenance videos. 


Off line filtration for hydraulics

If you ever wonder how to properly size an off line filtration unit to properly take care of your hydraulic machinery, then here is how you can do it and why an off line filtration system is one of the most efficient filters you can install.