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TU - TECHNICAL UNION is your single source for engineered and standard hydraulic components to meet your hydraulic machine's technical requirements.


Whenever you are working on a new project or an existing system, you need proven technical solutions to give you a competitive edge for improved machine design, better production time, and optimal machine maintenance to maximize your company’s capital investment.
TU - TECHNICAL UNION offers cost-effective technical solutions that you can trust to help you increase efficient productivity, compact system design, and usage control of spare components for your hydraulic machinery.  

Our advantage:

Engineered Systems. 

         - Hydraulic Retrofits.

         - Industrial Hydraulic Machines Upgrades.

         - Mobile Hydraulic Machine Upgrades.

         - Hydraulic Component Remanufacture.

         - Alternative New Hydraulic Components.

         - Standard Replacement Components.

         - Preventive Maintenance Programs.

         - Technical Experience.

         - Superior Quality.

         - Fast Respond.

         - Large Inventory.             

         - Quick Delivery.

         - ISO 9001 Certification products.




Vickers                             Rexroth

Racine                                             Caterpillar                            Komatsu 

   Hydraulic Power Units            Hydraulic Power Unit                 Hydraulic Power Unit


            Char - Lynn                    Char - Lynn                                Gear Pumps 

     Gear Pump Direct Mount        Gear Pump Remote Mount                Flow Dividers 


                   Monoblock                           Mobile Valves                            Mobile Valves 

                Mobile Valves                         Mobile Valves                         Mobile Valves  

     Variable Piston Pumps            Fixed Piston Pumps                   Power Take Off

  PTO - Interchanges                        Mobile Coolers                     Industrial Coolers 


       Filter Elements                                 Plate Coolers                          Needle Valves

       Hydraulic Cylinders                 Hydraulic Cylinders                    Hydraulic Cylinders 

  Pressure Control Valve              Directional Control Valve               Stack - Needle Valve

    Stack - Check Valves
              Stack - Pilot Check Valve               Stack - Relief Valve


 Stack - Pressure Reducing                  Servo Motors                                   Servo Valves 


         Hydraulic Seals                      Hydraulic Seals                       Hydraulic Seals


Hydraulic Seals                       Hydraulic Seals                        Hydraulic Seals 


          Hydraulic Fittings                         Hydraulic Fittings                       Hydraulic Fittings

       Hydraulic Fittings                       Hydraulic Fittings                         Hydraulic Fittings 



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