TU is your single source for industrial components in the areas of hydraulics, pneumatics, electrical, and mechanical products. All around the world, whenever you are working on a new project or an existing industrial system, you need proven technical solutions to give you a competitive edge for improved machine design, better production time, and optimal machine maintenance to maximize your company’s capital investment.

TU offers cost-effective technical industrial solutions that you can trust to help you increase efficient productivity, compact system design, and usage control of spare components for your industrial machinery.

Our Advantages

  • Engineered systems.
  • Hydraulic retrofits.
  • Spare parts supply.
  • Hydraulic components remanufacture.
  • Alternative new components to replace main brand names.
  • Competitive market prices.
  • Preventive maintenance programs.
  • Technical Experience.
  • Superior quality.
  • Fast responds.
  • Large inventory.
  • Quick delivery.
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Developed by: Edgar Lindo